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    Overriding form variables

    noobie2005 Level 1

      Is there any way to override a form variable that is being passed. Would it be done via cfif?
      Ok, that's a bit vague, so I'll try to clarify (I'm a little tired so bear with me ). I have the user fill out a form adding a new part to their inventory. If there going to take some parts out of the new stock there putting in to the database, it would leave a net amount (Gross amount being what was originally going to be inserted). So, on the update page, would I put that cfif statement in saying

      <cfif #FORM.resNet# NEQ "">
      <cfset #FORM.sOnHand# EQ #FORM.resNet#>

      resNet being the resultant total of the previous calculation and sOnHand being the previous amount (gross) that would have been inserted in the form if the resNet field would have been left blank.

      I hope my point got across.

      Thank you in advance!