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    Table of Contents—Auto-updating page numbers possible?


      As a typesetter I generate table of contents all the time. Thing is, if there're extensive changes to the book in the final proofing stages the pagination can be jiggled around a bit. When that happens I find myself updating the table of contents by hand.


      Surely there's a way to automate that.


      I'm imagining some kind of text variable that I place on the contents page that is linked to an anchor of some kind on the page in question that simply returns whatever page number that anchor is located on. If that page gets moved the contents page updates automatically. (This would have to happen across files: the front matter with the contents on it is generally a different .ind file than the body content.)


      Is there anything like that in InDesign? If not in base InDesign, does anyone know about a script or plugin that'd do this?