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    AE using wrong graphics card

    fennworld Level 1

      After Effects is defaulting to the GT120 where my monitors are plugged in, rather than using the 285 for its OpenGL operations. I'm relying on Open GL for the current project, but I need this physical configuration for DaVinci Resolve to properly utilize the 285 for CUDA and 120 for GUI. How can I get AE to default to the more powerful card when no monitors are plugged into it? Not using OpenGL in AE is not the answer as I use Element 3D regularly. Thank you.


      Mac Pro 10.9.4

      GT 120

      GTX 285

      AE CC 2014

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          E3D doesn't care for any of AE's OpenGL configuration. It uses its own OpenGL client implementation. That said, it works like 99% of all OpenGL implementations: Use the primary screen/ drawing context, which translates to whatever is the primary card in the system. You'd have to physically change it or hide the other card from the system to influence this.



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            fennworld Level 1

            Can you elaborate on "physically change it" and "hide the other card"? How would I go about either of those within OSX, or are you talking about simply physically removing the card? I have come to the resolution that when grading I just need to pull the monitors from the 285 and plug them only into the 120 and when inside AE/Photoshop I need to make sure the 285 has at least one monitor connected. I'm always attempting to avoid the hassle of swapping physical connections but it seems, in this case, unavoidable.


            Thanks Mylenium and do let me know if there's an alternative I'm missing.