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    How to play Animation with site loading in background to reveal website?

    BernardDigital Level 2

      So I know there are pre loaders and you can make that with edge... But they are so small and just a little circle moving around or something... I more mean a full page pre-loader then I guess...


      I have created an animation of a M with marquee lights going around and slowly zooming in... Then I have the M fade out and I have a black solid layer move up and another black solid layer move down to reveal the blank stage below...


      What I want to happen is maybe with some java script but to have the solids move out of the way to reveal my site bellow... Anyone know how to accomplish this?

      Thanks so much! I think being able to do things like this in native html and css and java will be huge for giving websites a "Font Door" or Opening Title like we have in movies... Thanks so much!