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    Edge Animate "exception error"


      I have one file in particular that seems to have this problem.


      1. I open the file in Edge Animate and it immediately comes up with this error message:

      Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 1.41.32 PM.png

      2. If I click "OK," I will have only a moment (sometimes not even that) to click on one of the layers.  If I can click on a layer and get it selected, the freeze will sometimes be avoided.

      If I just hit "OK" and wait, Edge Animate will crash and freeze.  The cursor will turn to the beach ball and I will have to force quit.


      I have minimal actions and have only the edge commons external script loaded. (local file, not CDN)

      I have some SVGs that were generated as copy/paste objects from Illustrator.

      I have one font loaded, Gudea.


      So far, the "clicking on something and knocking EA out of its freeze cycle" workaround is doable, but I would love to know if anyone else has this problem or if there is a solution.



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          bignickharper Level 1

          I've just discovered that Edge Animate will not allow me to publish my file.  The above-mentioned workaround will work for editing, but the fact that I can't publish makes the program unusable at this point.  Please help. 

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            Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

            Hi ,


            Is the error coming up with any composition that you are trying to open or publish in Edge Animate or is it with some specific file? Can you share the content if possible via dropbox in case it is happening with a particular composition.




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              bignickharper Level 1

              Hi Sudeshna,


              I managed to fix my problem for a short time by duplicating my project and eliminating any files I had decided not to use. (I put them in originally, but later decided I didn’t like the way they looked, etc)


              The error message stopped until I put audio into my project.  Now the error happens consistently until I remove the audio files from the media folder manually in the finder.  It’s the same “exception” error that I was having before and it behaves identically.


              Here is a link to my project.  The file is “phandplants.an” and you should see the error when you open it. if you remove the two mp3s from the media folder and try again, you will most likely not have the error and the file will open cleanly.





              I have also run into the error of chrome not handling origin point transformations, as you will see if you preview the project. (down at the bottom, the pH scale highlight is completely off)  preview it in firefox and it works just fine.

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                Sudeshnasarkar27 Adobe Employee

                Hi ,


                Thanks for sharing the composition. We have an internal bug where the issue of getting the exception on opening the project is being tracked. We are investigating this problem.Will update you once we are able to get some info about this problem.


                Secondly, the vendor prefix issue on chrome is also being tracked. Will keep you updated on the same.