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    Feature Detection for IE8 Support including Flash Files


      Hi Everyone,


      I am creating a moving image website that needs to be supported in all modern browsers in addition to IE8. I was given a project that is using Edge Animate. I also was given some Flash .swf files as well. I need to implement feature detection so that if the browser doesn't support HTML5, then it will load the Flash files. I was thinking Modernizr for feature detection, but it seems to need to trigger a specific HTML5 tag. There don't appear to be any video in Edge, so I'm not sure which tag I would trigger with Modernizr. Also, I read that there is a fall back method within Edge. Is it possible to instead of falling back to a static site, to have backup Flash files in case the browser not being used doesn't detect HTML5. Thanks so much, this is my first time looking into Edge, and I'm excited to use it!