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    Find Missing files command does not allow me to navigate to backup drive


      I have just bought a MacBook Pro and am moving my catalog an images from a PC.  I have read/watched many videos on how to do this.  I have copied all images out to a hard drive along with the Catalog file.  I downloaded Lightbook 4 to Macbook and have opened my catalog file.  All my tags and folder structure are shown with ?marks.  When I highlight the My Picture folder and click "find missing photos", I don't get a Navigate window to choose hard drive folder of the same name.  Instead, I see it start task, scan and complete task and all the photos now show in the Missing Photos section of the Catalog.  I never get a Navigate window.  It just keeps starting task and then saying complete. So the images are blank with ? marks on all files.


      Help!  I bought the Macbook Pro to do my photography and instead I've spend a day watching videos showing the Navigate window which I never get when I do "find missing photos".  What's going wrong?