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    Friendly URLs

      I'm looking for a way to customize the URL syntax.

      I have an entry, lets say it is a document about Coffee, and the title is "Decaf Please".
      The unique ID for this entry is "4" so the current URL is example.com/directory/index.cfm?id=4
      but I want the URL to be like this instead: example.com/coffee/decaf-please/

      I should note that "coffee" and "decaf-please" can be pulled out of the database, just as the ID can.

      (I understand that I must settle for a URL like example.com/coffee/decaf-please.cfm -- because of IIS
      I really DONT want to settle for a URL like http://example.com/index.cfm/coffee/decaf-please
      ... or anything else that puts a filename in the middle of the URL)

      any ideas?