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    Video Display Problems with Flex Builder 2

      I am currently trying out the Flex Builder 30-day trial and have been having problems running the software.
      System info:
      FB 2.0.1
      Dell Latittude D820 running WinXP
      NVIDIA Quadro NVS 120M Video Card

      When I first installed it, my display turned to garbage and I had to reboot my machine to get it to a usable state. Someone suggested changing my display properties and see if it helped. When I tried 768X1024 with 8-bit color it worked. Once I installed it, I changed them back to 1920X1200 32-bit. Everything seemed to work fine until I started getting into some more complicated tutorials.

      My display crashed and looked similar to what I saw before. I updated to the latest NVIDIA driver from Dell. No help. I then tried the Windows Troubleshooting. When I turned my hardware acceleration to None, it started working again. There are some weird display issues with menu buttons and I can't launch my Nvdia software.

      Is there a better solution to this? Has anyone had this problem? I'm not so sure I'll purchase the software with this many problems.