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    How to create an intermediate/advanced flyer template?


      I apologize for the discussion title. I have a lot to ask, please imply patience with me.


      Ok, so I started working for a firm that wishes to reinvent their flyer template. Currently what the marketing team does is re-edit an indesign document made years ago. The document consists of a background, text boxes and images. After being edited in indesin it is saved as a .pdf then sent to the customer.


      I have some creative suite (primarily photoshop) experience and am trying to take our business flyer to the next level while creating a template that our marketing team (some with very little adobe software experience) can use/ be taught simply. I will now attempt to describe my perfect flyer template and what I have currently created. Before we begin, I am a big fan and believer that genius design is efficient and simple, lol.


      I would like for the marketing team member to open the template document from our network drive.

      Once open, they will edit the 'title page' with information that will be on every page in the document, (the various agent's contact info, etc.).

      Following the title page we see the standard layout for every page in the document. This page consists of a title on the top, to the left hand side a list of available pages in this document (comparable to the "sportscenter" news list on the left hand of the screen) and an open space in the middle of the page where images and text is placed. I would like the text boxes in left hand list to be editable text boxes.

      So we currently have a two page document, upon the creation of a new page I would like the features to stay the same and a new text box under the first page text box on the left hand new list to be added and be editable under the first pages text box.

      Hope you are still following I know I am not the best at explanations...

      Finally, I would like the document once saved as a .pdf to appear "clickable" or interactive. Then would like for all pages created in the said document to follow the same formula. Our company is using indesign, perhaps this is not the right software, inform me.


      What we have done is create a standard 11 page document closely resembling what is explained above. I have used countless hyperlinks and cross references to make the document "clickable" and editable. However, when text boxes are edible and clickable they seem to not work correctly when saved as a .pdf. Also, it is difficult and messy to create extra pages or delete pages that follow the same formula. Upon adding new pages cross referencing need to be created and hyperlinks, I feel like it can be done much easier! If any one has examples, similar threads or tutorials please send them

      Any Help is Help, I am not familiar with master pages perhaps I need to start by  learning more about those? is that where I start?

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you