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    Having trouble installing my licensed LR 5 on a new computer.  I have .exe file and also license/serial number. but I am asked only to buy or try.

    MPDAEF Level 1

      Old computer died, and I am trying to install LR 5.5 on my new computer.  I have run the exe file and have moved all my picture files and the LR data base files to the new computer.  When I try to open the program (it is listed in  my start menu and is in my system tray, too) a window opens that already shows as selected the option saying I have a license, but there is no way of going forward from that window.  I could choose buy or try out or cancel. I'm obviously missing something here and would appreciate any help.  Should I perhaps run the exe of LR 5 and then do updates to get to 5.5?

      I have checked my Adobe account and LR5 shows as being owned by me.  I have NOT downloaded the CC version of LR.  I am running Win 7, 64-bit.