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    How can I make two columns in DropDownList


      like this


      I remember that the solution met.
      Except alignment spaces in a text string.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Google "ScriptUI for Dummies" from Peter Kahrel.

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            CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            from the Documentation


            Creating multi-column lists

            In list controls (ListBox, DropDownList, TreeView), a set of ListItem objects represents the individual

            choices in the list. Each choice can be labeled with a localizable string, an image, or both, as specified by

            the text and image properties of the ListItem (see “Displaying images” on page 72).

            You can define a ListBox to have multiple columns, by specifying the numberOfColumns creation

            parameter. By default, the number of columns is 1. If you specify multiple columns, you can also use the

            creation parameters to specify whether headers are shown, and the header text for each column.

            If you specify more than one column, each ListItem object that you add to the box specifies one selectable

            row. The text and image of the ListItem object specifies the label in the first column, and the subitems

            property specifies labels that appear in that row for the remaining columns.

            The subitems value is an array, whose length is one less than the number of columns. That is, the first

            member, ListItem.subitems[0], specifies the label in the second column. Each member specifies one

            label, as a JavaScript object with two properties:

            { text : displayString , image : imageFileReference }

            For example, the following fragment defines a list box with two columns, and specifies the labels in each

            column for the two choices:


            // create list box with two titled columns
            var list = dlg.add ('ListBox', [0, 0, 150, 75], 'asd',
            {numberOfColumns: 2, showHeaders: true,
            columnTitles: ['First Name', 'Last Name']});
            // add an item for the first row, with the label value for the first column
            var item1 = list.add ('item', 'John');
            // add the label value for the second column in that row.
            item1.subItems[0].text = 'Doe';
            // add an item for the second row, with the text for the first column label
            var item2 = list.add ('item', 'Jane');
            // add the label text and image for the second column in the second row
            item2.subItems[0].text = 'Doe';
            item2.subItems[0].image = File ("~/Desktop/Step1.png");