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    adding a top and bottom line in tables

    garethirwin1234 Level 1

      If some one could point me at the instructions I am happy to look it up!


      I would like a table of just row strokes inlcluding top and bottom of the table and with alternate strokes weights


      I have achieved this before, but for the life of me cannot remember how, if someone could help please?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Gareth – Use header and footer rows.


          But I cannot tell, if that's possible in your specific case. We need a screen shot of the design you like to achieve.
          Note, that there is a limit in height of a row: 1.058 mm. So your line could not be thinner than that when using header and footer rows.


          We could break that rule by scripting.
          But before doing so, just let us know some details of your design.

          E.g. what is the weight of your strokes you like to see at top and bottom of your table?



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            Doc Maik Level 4

            Easy to do: Select the top or bottom row, then select the cell border you want to change, in this case top border for top row resp. bottom border for bottom row and select different stroke and line style.

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              garethirwin1234 Level 1

              Hello.I am aware of this, but I want to just apply a table style and that be dealt with.


              I thought it had to do with creating a cell style and using this within the table style but for the life of me cannot fathom how.


              What I want is on the face of it simple, I want a table with row lines but not column lines, and I want a line top and bottom, and I want the lines in between to be alternating.

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                [Ravi Kiran] Adobe Employee

                Without looking at the design you have in mind, I think you will need to create a Cell Style and include that Cell Style in a Table Style. Here is what might work for you:

                1) Create a Cell Style. In the Cell Style Options dialog, under Strokes and Fills, click on the top and bottom (horizontal) lines of the Cell Stroke to exclude them from being considered. Set the Weight of the left & right vertical line to 0.

                2) Create a Table Style and in its Options dialog, select the Cell Style you created above for Body Rows. If you want a separate color/weight for the Top and Bottom Borders of the Table, set it under Table Setup. Then set the Alternating Pattern (Every other row) for Row Strokes.

                Then apply the Table Style to the table.


                Here is what I came up with while trying this out:


                Hope this helps.

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