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    animating vertices in shapes

      hello guys

      i have a question regarding the drawing api and animating the resulting drawn images.

      im using flash cs3 (actionscript 3 of course) and need to draw in some skewed rectangular shapes, where i can control where each of the 4 points of the rectangle are (because the shapes are not necessarily straight angled). from what i've seen, i need to use the lineTo commands (as opposed to drawRect) because of this.

      then, i need to animate each of the 4 vertices of these shapes in an independent fashion. i really want to use the new Tween libraries (seem to be more effiicient than enterFrames), but these seem designed to animate only the object as a whole (and not just the vertices of the object). because of this im being forced to use enterframes to redraw the shape, which i feel is missing the poing entirely of the Tween libraries.

      is there an effiicient way of doing this?

      thank you very much,