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    Data merged text into boxes assigned for InCopy doesn't display merged text, only the placeholder

    SimonAOM Level 1

      I think I found a bug.


      I created an InDesign document for use in InCopy for a client. The end goal is to data merge a whole array of documents for the client, who can open them in InCopy and update the text.

      1. I designed the layout
      2. I created the assignments for InCopy (which stories and images the InCopy user could edit)
      3. I then set up a data merge to pre-populate content like contact details, portrait photos etc


      When I merged the final document, two things happened.

      1. The images didn't respond to the Content Placement Options (fill proportionally), they all just got placed at 100% size ratio (they did centre though)
      2. The data merge fields didn't populate the placeholders with the relevant text. All of the fields just came up as their placeholders <<Phone>> <<Fax>> etc

      As soon as I deleted the assignments and re-merged, the image settings were being applied and the fields were populating the documents.

      I'm using the latest version on CC,

      Anyone else had this issue? It's very specific but it is a bug.