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    Work in CS2 slow




      I wrote the following code to work with pathitem.

      It works well , but slow in CS2.

      And after I executed the program, when I restart Illustrator,

      there are no palette window opened,

      even before executing the program, there are some palette window opened.

      Would you give me some advices to solve this problem?


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------

        Set illDoc = illApp.Open(filePath)

        cnt = illDoc.PathItems.Count 

        For i = 1 To cnt


          Set pathItem = illDoc.PathItems.Item(i)

          If pathItem.Hidden = False Then


            If pathItem.Locked = True Then

              pathItem.Locked = False

            End If


            str = str & pathItem.Name & vbNewLine


          End If



        illDoc.Close aiSaveChanges




      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -----------------