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    Workspace images and music cannot be moved IN PEL12


      Ive been working on a project for about a week now. Im using premiere elements 12 and im on a windows 7 x64 PC. I was changing music that was in the project. Deleted one song and added another in its place and right away i noticed i couldnt move the song file. Whatever i thought. I didnt need to do much with it so i deleted it and readded it at the end of the first song. So now i notice i cant move any images. Sometimes if i do they just disappear... And of course the program auto saved the work so the issue is now persistant and i cannot return to the state where this was working


      Ive made a video to show the problem im having. Premiere Elements Problem - YouTube

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          Limsleia Level 1

          Ok guys i really need some help here. I just tried to start the project over from scratch and it has done it again within minuites now.

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            Some more information that may be pertinent. The issue started when i added the new audio file or shortly after.  The file was sent to me by a family member and it was in m4a format which premiere elements didnt want to use. I opened the file in audacity and i cut 2 lengths of the new song and spliced them into the song to add some length to it and then exported it as an mp3 at 320kbps constant bitrate. The program was working flawlessly before i added in this song.


            For the time being im trying to get the photo and video arrangement done and at the very end when im completed i will throw the audio tracks in and publish it. Its the only workaround i have for now.

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              Take your m4a into iTunes and convert it to a wav file. Then import the wav into Premiere Elements project with Premiere Elements Add Media/Files and Folders.


              How To: open iTunes Music/Songs, go to File Menu/Add File To Library, and import your m4a.


              Then, Edit Menu/Preferences/General and click on the Import Settings button.


              In the Import Settings dialog that opens, for Import Using, set to WAV Encoder. Close out of there.


              Back in iTunes Music/Songs, right click the name of your .m4a, and select Create WAV Version.


              With the .wav version created, right click the file, select Copy. Then paste the .wav file to your computer desktop.


              That should take care of most if not all of your project issues.


              There are classically problems with iTunes music which force this solution.


              Please let us know the outcome so that we can determine if the m4a was the cause of all of your project problems or just a part of.