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    How to insert about 5 pages of text in a long document and prevent text flowing after the insert


      I have a 62 page layout with linked text frames throughout. I just received an additional 5 pages of text that I'd like to insert after page 5. 

      I'd like to insert the additional text in a text frame that is or could become part of the linked text frames flowing through entire document.


      I tried to add 5 pages, and insert the added text.  The insertion was successful, but the text frames of the added text was separate from the rest of the document.  It prevents me from closing the partial page gaps in front of and behind the added text.  I tried to 'break' the text frame links between the flowing text in front of and behind the inserted 5 page text frame.  I was not successful.  When I clicked on the port box, I consistently loaded a cursor with text, but did not, apparently break the link.  The instructions in a couple of manuals make it see so easy to break a link between 2 text frames -- double click and a small icon showing chain links comes up.  Click on the chain icon and the links are broken.  I can't make the links appear.  Just the loaded cursor. 


      I want to avoid just pasting text within existing text frames because text following the insertion point is filled with photos and side bars.  If the text flows, those items will be pages away from where I've placed them now to be close to the text associated with them.  If I make insertion space manually by adding the pages myself, inserting text and then linking text frames, I'll have about a 2 -- 3 inch adjustment to make behind the insertion point.  That adjustment would most easily be done in a document with all text frames linked.


      How can I accomplish this insertion even if the way I've described above isn't a good procedure?