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    how to exit edit mode (editable comboBox)?

      I have an editable comboBox. When a user clicks on the text area, he can rename the text and the idea is to click outside the comboBox to commit the new value.

      The problem now is when the user clicks outside the comboBox, the comboBox remains in edit mode(with the blinking prompt). How do I make it get out of that mode?

      thanks in advance
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          Rahul Mainkar Level 1
          setting comBox.editable=false in the function where you commit the vaules will solve this purpose.
          Also remember to set it in edit mode when click event on the combobox happens

          <mx:ComboBox id="comBox" click="setMode()"/>

          public function setMode():void{

          I hope I have given you a direction to think upon.
          Take care