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    replace comma with dot

    stardust_sam@yahoo.ca Level 1

      Dear all,


      I'm getteing mad with the following issue and need your help.
      I'm working at a PDF-Form including a table. The Values in this table create a datamatrix. This works fine for now.
      Here is my issue: The values in the table are numbers like 12.2 but also 12 or 9 but maximum two digits in front of the "."(dot). Seperation character should be a "." In Germany there is the ","(comma) instead of the "." at the number block.
      For better usability it would be nice having a java script that replaces onBlur all "," with a ".". So I don't have to change the keyboard language to English.

      Is this possible and if yes, how?


      I am an absolutely noob on javascript, so please be patient and do not expect any specific knowledge.


      What I tried (menue is translatet from the German version, I don't know if it is correct:


      onBlur.replace(",", ".");


      I put this in (right click on form) -> properties ->action ->

      add action: on mouse exit

      choose action: run JavaScript

      click on "add"

      Then I copied the terminus from the top in the opening window. Ready (at least this was my thought...)

      It dit not work, now I nedd your help.


      Thank you for your hints, your help and your time.


      Adobe Acrobat XI (German) on Windows 7 64bit (also german).