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    Capital A glyph in CC 2014 vs. CS5

    FergyMac Level 3

      I'm having a slight problem with the font Houschka Pro in InDesign CC 2014 (Mac, 10.9.4, 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, ) In CS 5 when we typed the letter A we got the nice rounded top version (see screen shots below). In CC 2014 we get the pointed top version, I checked CS 6 and also get the pointed top version. Is there a way to have InDesign automatically chose the glyph with the rounded top like it did in CS5? Right now I'm working my way through a 48 page document replacing all the A's and I don't want to have to do that again.


      Houschka Pro CS5.png  Houschka Pro CC 2014.png


      As always, thanks for all your help.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check the Window>Character


          And with the font selected check the fly out menu and see if there's any Open Type features that trigger the curved A.


          If so - then leave this switched on.

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            MW Design Level 5

            As far as I know, the "regular" Houschka Pro fonts use the rounded glyphs (like the A) by default. The font Houschka Alt Pro substitutes the straight letter variants for several characters.


            First I would check to make sure ID is not substituting the glyphs with the Alt Pro version by highlighting just the capital A in your example and looking at what font name is showing. The regular Pro fonts also has contextual alternatives...which are the same straight characters in the Alt Pro version. You can turn off the use of contextual alternatives in the paragraph style. You may have had that on for other purposes, so an F/R on only the offending usage may suffice.


            Anyway, if ID is substituting it, a find/replace on the Alt Pro usage would allow you to swap them all back if needed fairly quickly. Otherwise shut off contextual alternatives.



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              FergyMac Level 3

              Thanks Eugene. Contextual Alternates in Open Type Features had a check mark in front of it. Now that it's off I can type A and W and get the curved versions going forward. Of course since I used paragraph styles it's an easy fix for my current jobs. Interestingly, in CS5 Contextual Alternates has a check mark and I get the correct curved letters. Any thoughts on the change in how this works?

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I genuinely have no idea - I am on CS5.5 so I've never seen this problem before.

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                  FergyMac Level 3

                  Here's a follow-up for anyone interested:


                  Something has changed in the way Adobe applications access Contextual Alternates for Open Type fonts. (This is a feature you can get to by going to the fly out menu in the Character pallet and choosing Open Type or via the Paragraph Style and choosing Open Type Features). In CS5 it didn't seem to matter if it was selected or not (at least for Houschka Pro) but in CC you NEED TO DESELECT IT. This applies to both InDesign and Illustrator. I haven’t looked in Photoshop yet but who uses photoshop to set type? Right? OK, I just checked. Photoshop works they way it use to. With Contextual Alternates selected you get the correct characters.


                  By correct characters I'm talking about the capital A and capital W. See my screen shots at the top. The curved top A is the correct version of the character.


                  Can anyone else confirm this or is it something specific to our situation? I'm using CC 2014 Build on a Mac running 10.9.4


                  Thanks in advance for your assisting in checking this out.