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    Calculator style Edge Animation that worked (works) fine in v1.5 no longer works in CC 2014 - were changes made to the js variable scope rules in the new version?  Trying to make changes, and every attempt destroys the app functionality. Help!


      I built a calculator style app using Edge Animate 1.5 that depends on getting input from three input boxes generated by js code in the "composition ready" box in the action for the stage and then doing math on the results in a submit button function lower on the page.  Since trying to rebuild it in the CC 2014 environment, the app no longer seems to be able to pass the information from the global variables containing the user input to the function, in fact if I even open a working version of the app and re-save it, it suddenly won't pass the variable content.  I know that global variables are disapproved of in a lot of JS circles, but it can sure be helpful to those who aren't as facile as others using JavaScript.  Has there been some change to the way EA is processing JS variables?  I'll post the code if anyone has any ideas or interest.  The one that still works in the old style is the rightmost of the two online tools marked "Reverse Test of Independent Proportions" at http://palmbeachschools.org/dre/NRE/OnlineTools.asp

      - actually both tools are built using EA - the old version.  Thanks for any help you can give me with this!

      Chip Damsel

      The Palm Beach County School District