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    load XML with flashvars?

    Tim Kline
      Hey folks

      I have a flash photo gallery that uses XML to tell the flash what pics to load in and display. Works really great but I want to take it a step further and be able to specify the xml file being loaded from HTML. I guess using Flashvars unless there's another method that works better?

      in my actionscript, I have this line


      and that's telling it to load in the xml file that has the info for all the pics

      is there any way to replace that with flash vars and actually have it work?

      What we're trying to do is have a different photo gallery on each page, and instead of making a separate flash movie & xml for each one, we want to just have 1 "gloabal" flash movie and then just a different xml file for each different gallery.

      Anyone have any ideas how I can get it to work?

      I know it's probably some easy little thing I keep missing :(