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    Can the default location of Lightroom Mobile sync files changed.


      This is a question on how to change the default Lightroom Mobile sync files location.  I work with an iMac with dual hard drives - a 250GB flash drive which is the startup drive and a 2TB disk for data and working files.  My Lightroom catalogue files are on the 2TB disk as are all my image files.  I also work with a MacBook Air because I travel a lot.  I keep the two computers synced - the Lightroom files on the 2TB iMac disc with the Lightroom files on the MacBook Air.  Here’s the problem - when you initiate Lightroom Mobile on your mobile device (iPhone and iPad) the Lightroom Mobile files on your desktop [Mobile Downloads.lrdata] default to the User folder on the 250GB flash drive of the iMac [Path = Macintosh HD/Users/..username../Pictures/Lightroom/Mobile Downloads.lrdata].  This no longer allows a seamless syncing of the two computers.  The location of the Lightroom Category files can be user-defined in Preferences but not the Lightroom Mobile files.  Is there a solution or work-around other than a very complex syncing job between the two computers??