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    AE CS4 editions (and Snow Leopard)

    Dr. Seward

      From everything I've read, AE CS4 (if updated to v9.0.2) is compatible with Snow Leopard v10.6.8. I have the option of purchasing a pre-owned and de-activated edition of AE CS4 with a legally transferrable license. The case holding the two discs does not say Professional anywhere on it nor does the install disc. Does that mean it's a standard edition? Also on the back of the case, on the sticker bearing the serial numbers (it comes with Color Finesse),  it says AFTER EFFECTS ED. Does that mean that it's an Academic (educational) version? On the case of my CS3 version, while it does say Professional on the case and disc, there are no letters after "AFTER EFFECTS" on the sticker on the back. Hope someone can shed some light.