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    My First PC Build for Video Editing

    jlew2kx Level 1

      I've been video editing for about two years now. This hobby of mine has started to generate many paid projects-- weddings, promo videos, etc. I edit with Premiere Pro and, every now and then when needed, After Effects. I'm mostly editing 1080p DSLR footage.



      I want to be able to efficiently edit, color grade, add effects, render quickly, and watch previews in full res with zero lag. I'm stuck between these two builds:







      I want to keep the price as low as possible, but also want to ensure that the build is super quick and won't lag on me. With 4k footage becoming more and more prevalent in the film world, I'll want my computer to be able to handle that eventually as well.



      I chose that cooler because I got it brand new for $10. Please let me know your thoughts on these builds and any additions I should make. This will be my first build. Thank you for your help.