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    Double page numbers?



      I'm working on a magazine at the moment, I have numbers and a other info on my master page which is working fine, until I needed to add two extra pages towards the beginning of the document. Now I have two pages 4 and 5?!


      What have I done wrong whats happened? I've tried re-adding the page numbers on the master page but it says theres a conflict because there is two pages called 4 and 5.


      I then tried changing the number of the page at the end of the document but it still thinks theres only 43 pages not 45?



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          zoemarie1989 Level 1

          Sorry, had a brain wave just after I posted this.


          I had it set up with start page numbers at: 4 so once I switched it page to auto order was restored!


          Sorry for the pointless post.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            It's perfectly OK to have multiple pages with the same logical (assigned) page number (as opposed to the physical or absolute number representing the position in the document). You have the choice of showing the absolute numbers, or showing the logical numbers by choosing show section numbering. The problem comes in when you have multiple pages with the same logical page number AND the same numbering style. When that happens ID doesn't know which one you mean when you enter page numbers in dialogs. It's not fatal, but it can be a problem. To fix this, simply assign a different numbering style to your new section. Traditionally, front matter is numbered with small roman numerals rather than the arabic numerals used for the main text.