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    How do I add a leader to a right indent tab?

    Schmaltzkopf Level 1

      Hi. I know that if I insert a regular tab and give it a leader, I can then replace it with a right-indent tab, and the leader will stay there, but is there a way to give the right-indent tab a leader as you insert it in the text?

      Any help would be appreciated.

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can. With your cursor in the paragraph, open the Tabs window,

          and add a regular tab anywhere, and set its leader to whatever you want.

          You'll find that now right-indent tabs get that leader too.


          That's a bit of funny way to do it, admittedly, but I think the logic is

          as follows: the Leader string is a property of a TabStop object. If a

          Paragraph object has no TabStops, then all the Leaders are undefined. So

          you need to add at least one TabStop to a paragraph to be able to define

          at least one leader. Once you've got that, the right-indent tab (which

          does not require a TabStop) can pick up its leader from the TabStop

          you've added, even though there's no real connection between them.


          Of course, this raises the question: If there is more than one TabStop

          in a paragraph, which leader will the right-indent tab pick up?


          Okay, so having experimented a little, it appears that a right-indent

          tab get the leader belonging to the last TabStop in the paragraphs

          TabStop collection. Which makes a kind of sense I suppose (well, they'd

          need to choose one of them).


          Anyway, the answer to your actual question is in the first paragraph...