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    Trouble with Color Picker


      I'm have a strange issue with a color I choose in color picker not matching the color the object is actually getting filled with.


      If, while in color picker, the cursor is in a CMYK field when I select a color, it will show up in the rectangle as a slightly different color after I click OK. If I then open color picker again on that object, the preview color will match the color in the rectangle but the RGB values will be different from the values of the original color I wanted (CYMK stays the same).


      If the cursor is in an RGB field, the color will show up a different color as well, but when I click fill on that object the color in the preview shows up as the color I wanted (and doesn't match the current fill color) and the RGB and CMYK values are the same as the ones I wanted.


      Here's a screenshot of the difference in the two colors - the one I want in the preview swatch (sorry it's kind of hard to see), the one color picker fills is the color rectangle. And this has been happening for everything I try to fill, the color is generally not as bright as I want.