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    Uninstalling/reinstalling fails


      I have a while ago installed Lightroom 5.5 on a Win 8 PC, but eventually did not want to buy.


      Left it there, Trial expired and I uninstalled. Not successfully it appears.


      Now I want to run CC with Lightroom and PS.


      Installation went OK, LR 5.2 installed. But then I come to the point where it asks me to buy and key in license number. But I do not want to buy, I want to rent (or whatever they call it)

      Controlpanel/programs does not even se my LR 5.2, so can't uninstall it there.

      Tried to reinstall 5.5. No success.


      Tried deleting everything I could find in the registration data base after searching for Lightroom.


      Fantastic suggestions will be appreciated.