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    Upgrading From 9 Enterprise to 11 Enterprise

    wcx08 Level 1

      About five years ago we upgraded our ColdFusion installation from MX 7 to 9.0.1.  We've been running this version for about three years now with no problems.  It's been great.  But, we're two versions behind.  We're running a MSSQL Server 2008 on an Windows Server 2008 R2 machine.  We are considering upgrading to ColdFusion 11 Enterprise.


      I understand that in ColdFusion 11 Enterprise, they completely did away with certain things that were considered "deprecated" in version 10.  I have a feeling this might cause problems migrating to 11, especially considering that our system was originally designed/created on MX 7.  Of course, since upgrading to 9, we've tried our best to update everything from the old to the new.


      Is it worth upgrading to ColdFusion 11 from 9?  Is it more than likely that we'll run in to problems with our applications in this upgrade?  If everything is working fine as is, is there really any benefit to upgrading?


      Thank you for your help.