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    Calculating Costs

      Hello all. I have an excel spread sheet that you can input some different values of some machinery and the operating costs then the spread sheet automatically calculates the annaul costs and a few other things. Total there are 12 different values that need to be input to get these numbers.

      We would like to incorporate this calculation tool into our current interactive CD. I have taken the first level of flash training and have not yet dove into actionscripting as of yet. I'm guessing what I'm wanting to do will take some knowledge of actionscripting.

      Can I get by with just some instructions or should I go for the actionscript class?

      Is there an easy way to do the above? Can Flash pull information from a spread sheet?

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          Its currently not possible to-do this.

          You will need to create a third party tool that allows you to access these
          values from the spreadsheet, or create an application that does these
          calculations and outputs to a text file or something so flash can read this.

          We have a development team that maybe able to help you on this.

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