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    Green screen when playing videos



      I have been having this issue for a long time (almost 7-8 months on and off). I get a green screen when playing videos, I have the audio but not the video. Most of the times I can see the advertisements well, but when the actual video I'm trying to watch begins, there is the green screen again. Below I am detailing everything I've done to troubleshoot this problem.


      My PC:

      HP Pavilion Laptop

      Windows 8.1 (64 bit)

      Internet Explorer 11

      Flash Player version: 14,0,0,145

      (I followed these steps from this site to no avail) 

      Steps to troubleshoot Flash Player on Windows 8

      1. Enable Flash Player

      2. Disable ActiveX Filtering

      3. Update Internet Explorer to get latest version of Flash Player


      4. Checked “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” under Internet Options “Advanced” tab.


      When I try to disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player by right-clicking on the green video screen, I don’t have the "Settings" option. Therefore, I can’t do that. I followed the instructions on this link https://forums.adobe.com/thread/891337 that says how to disable hardware accelerations if the “settings” option is not available. However, when I go to the “Find Flash Player Version page”, the page does not show the version as it shows in the screenshot of the instructions.


      I have tried every single solution available in Adobe and even independent sites on the Internet.


      I was able to finally get playback for videos, after many hours of trying; I could watch videos from one of my Facebook accounts and from YouTube, Internet etc. However, on my second Facebook account, the videos were still displaying with the green screen. Today, the green screen is back in all the videos!


      This has happened many times with other Internet Explorer versions and I have been able to fix it, again… after MANY hours of following instructions and nothing working, but when I finally fix it I don’t even remember how I did it. I fix it and it may work for just a few days, or I may be lucky to not get the green screens for months, until it happens again.


      Please note that this does not happen after any upgrades, updates or installations of other software. It is completely random!


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