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    Make lightroom default program for raw files


      I purchased Lightroom 5 after a trial version expired.  (I believe the version was 5.2, not sure.)  I got the actual DVD with the activation code on the box.


      Current OS is Windows 7.


      At first I ran the updates from the internet (had a bit of trouble with the DVD opening) and it loaded version 5.5, and I used the activation code.  Everything went well, but when I try to open a raw file (Sony/.arw extension), it doesn't give me the option to use Lightroom as the default program for this action.  It doesn't show the program at all, and when I go into browse and select it, it still won't come up.


      So, I uninstalled everything, rebooted etc, then loaded up the DVD and got the DVD to work this time.  Again, I think the version came up 5.2.  Went to assign .arw files to Lightroom, and - no problem whatsoever.  Lightroom showed up as a program, like it hadn't before.  I then ran the update again to 5.5, and I'm running into the exact same thing, where I can't set LR as the default program.  Possibly the registry is not right?  It's just no longer seeing Lightroom as a program in the "Open With" option (when I reinstalled, it wiped out the 'open with LR' I had attached to the files.)  I can open up Lightroom itself just fine, but I can't just click on a raw file and have it open.


      Any ideas on how to fix this, and why the earlier version was okay, but the update wiped out the 'open with' option?




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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It is common misconception that LR should open images.


          What happens is that LR opens LR catalogs, not images.  Images are imported after LR has started up.  You can double-click on a LR Catalog, an .lrcat, file, or you can drag-and-drop a LR catalog file onto the LR icon, and either will cause LR to open, but that is all.  If you ever opened an image with LR it would hang and be difficult to fix.


          I think maybe LR 1.x would automatically import images if you dragged them to it, but that was shut down several versions ago.


          LR can also be set to open when you insert a memory card, via a checkbox in preferences.


          You can also open LR via a shortcut, and then drag-and-drop a folder onto the main image area in Library mode and that'll initiate an import.  This is actually what I do for every import.

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            mellon13 Level 1



            I'm glad to know that it wasn't due to a buggy download or something - it just kind of threw me a bit when it worked, and then suddenly the newer version didn't.


            Thanks for the response and taking the time to give a helpful explanation.  It sounds like I need to revise/rethink my approach to LR in general; I know I have a lot to learn and I just need to get the hang of it.  Your approach for importing sounds good; seems like less navigating.


            Thanks again!