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    My point of view about Director Future

    OlandoCR Level 1
      Dear all,

      I just want to share with you what I think could be a good future for Director. I am not a Director expert but I really like it, I also use Flash and 3D programs like Maya. Lately I have been investigating game engines for an educational project I want to develop as part of my Master’s degree and I have seen many engines with great features die as fast as they appeared. I have seen Indie communities claim for a stable version of the engine they are using, I have seen great engines very strong in 3D but with many weakness in 2D. Also it is clear that more and more integration of games with Internet is mandatory, especially those called massively multiplayer online games.

      So far I have found some good engines like Quest3D, Deep Creator and DX Studio but always there is something that stops me to make my final decision. But general speaking those are basically 3D engines with lack of features for games. Some very cheap but other out of my range.

      In the other hand, we have seen how Flash is incorporating Director’s capabilities. There was a time where if you need video and good performance handling bitmaps, Director was the big winner but now you can do it with Flash too. In fact, I am now using more Flash than Director for that reason and this lets me be focused in one language instead of two. I guess for Adobe is not a good business to develop two products that at the end they will do the same. If you search, you can find good proposals about how to convert Flash in a 3D engine. I mean, boundaries are blurring.

      Summary: I think Director could be The Holy Grail for Indie developers. It is not too expensive, its performance on Internet is better than many others and Shockwave player has a good penetration, 2D and 3D are well integrated, simple to use, if Adobe decides to go in that direction we can have Director Game Engine for long time and programmers can be sure it won’t disappear like other engines, and more.

      Of course, in order to achieve that some new features have to be integrated and some old have to be improved, for instance: support for multiplayer games (MMOG), strong physic engine , AI (pathfinding, Finite State Machines), better collision detection,etc.

      I propose, let Flash to be the old Director, and let Director be the new Director Game Engine.

      Well, just a couple of ideas to share with you. I hope not to hurt anyone's feelings.