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    extrusion difficulty

    Arrakis Level 1

      Ive been trying to add some depth to some layers in after effects using various forms but so far all all unsatisfactory.


      Trapcode echo space slows AECC does to point of unusable.

      3D Extruder has the same issue as echo space.  I even tried 3d extruder with just a single layer in a comp and it was ridiculously laggy.

      The shatter effect works well but the limitation of having to use the built in camera is useless for what Im trying to do.
      Then theres C4D and the element plugin neither of which I can figure out how to make my 3d layers interact with AE 3d layers. For e.g. I have a floor layer in AE and have comp using cineware.  If i put my c4d object on the floor then move the camera it is no longer on the floor. So I  move it and it appears to be on the floor again but when I move the camera its not.  I dont get it.


      I have no way of learning how to use these things but trial and error which takes forever. Im sick of spending hours and hours of my life trying to do one little thing in AE but failing. Its so frustrating.

      What am I missing here?  How does any one learn this stuff?   Ive been doing this for over 4 years now and it feels like I'm getting nowhere fast.