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    Creative Cloud update to version killed my Windows 8.1 system!

    ZimFromIRK Level 1

      Earlier tonight, I saw the balloon from Creative Cloud stating that an update was available.  So I installed it.  Half-way during the installation, my windows desktop disappeared.


      I started the task manager and restarted "Explorer.exe".  That made the background reappear, but the taskbar was blank with just the lone Windows 8.1 icon on the very left.  Hovering over the taskbar showed the wait cursor.


      The task manager showed everything was running normally but the desktop was clearly broken.  I checked the directories and everything was as expected.


      So I held my breath and rebooted.  After logging in, the desktop slowly appeared over about 10 minutes, but all the desktop icons were still missing, as were the taskbar icons.  Only a few of the notification icons appeared.


      I then managed to bring up a command window with the task manager (fortunately, Ctrl+Alt+Esc still worked) and launched System Restore (rstrui.exe).  It showed me the Adobe Creative Cloud was the most recent restore point (below); the previous restore point after that was a Microsoft Windows update from 2 days ago.  When I asked for the list of files that were affected by the Creative Cloud update and would be reverted, it showed this:

      7-24-2014 9-18-27 PM.jpg

      I again held my breath and restored my machine to before the above CC update; after about 20 minutes of shucking and jiving and a reboot, everything was working properly again.


      So there is clearly something out of kilter with this latest update.  Adobe the Time Vampire has once again stolen 2 hours of my life, but this time, at least it wasn't a license server issue.  I think.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi ZimFromIRK,


          I haven't heard of that before. Do you have all the OS updates from MS installed when attempting to update Creative Cloud?


          - Dave

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            Hi David,

            The same thing has happened to me...when I updated Adobe Cloud on my Win 8.1 OS, twice. The first time I had to go to Adobe support and uninstall Adobe Cloud - then reinstall it from a link within support. This time I've lost the Creative Cloud shortcut icon - but when I rebooted the computer Creative Cloud is again available on the desktop.  What I don't have are the apps, tells me there was a download error..."contact customer support" ...the link which brought me to this area. So I guess I'll keep on looking.

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              ZimFromIRK Level 1

              Dave: I did the Microsoft Update two days before this happened, and rebooted as required.  I just created a new restore point and lauched Creative Cloud.  Now I get the famous white screen:

              7-26-2014 1-38-32 PM.jpg

              It just sits and spins (been 10 minutes now). 


              Fortunately, I saved away this command (which I've had to use 4 or 5 times already):


              del %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE\opm.db


              Unfortunately now, I get this (even after closing the above window):


              The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.


              So I killed everything that said "Adobe" in the task manager and this time, the command succeeded.


              Fortunately, the current apps seem to still work.  I can't seem to find the "Creative Cloud" app in the applications on my system, but I launched Photoshop CC, told it to look for updates, and got a list of the 5 prgorams that need updates in the Adobe Application manager:

              7-26-2014 1-49-59 PM.jpg

              I will proceed with the updates, holding my breath.

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                ZimFromIRK Level 1

                Updating in this way succeeded.  However, my annual subscription is up on July 30 so I went ahead and cancelled the automatic renewal.  I have CS6 versions of the software I use the most (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Dreamweaver), Lightroom 5 is still available separately (I own v4 and can upgrade), and since I can apparently sign up again for CC *exactly the same price* that I'm paying now, there's no reason to renew at this time.  Maybe they'll forget about me and I'll be able to sign up as a new customer using one of my other ancient boxed product suites and get a year at the price that this should cost individual hobbyist-type users who use these products mostly on weekends.


                And naturally, the instant I cancelled, I got an email titled "Your paid Creative Cloud subscription has expired" and said:


                Your Creative Cloud membership has transitioned from Paid to Free.


                Great.  I have four days left in my subscription, so hopefully this is an idle threat.  The apps still seem to work, so I'm guessing this isn't immediately true.  But I'll be royally ticked off if I can't use the apps tomorrow (Sunday) while I reinstall the CS6 stuff.