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    The alternative does not exist!


      I'm trying to convert folders of pictures to CMYK. (File>Automate>Batch) But the action "Convert RGB to CMYK" does not exist... WHY?

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Because programming something you can easily create yourself does not make sense?


          Create an action to convert RGB to CMYK and then use that action in batch conversion.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Automate batch dialog is used to batch an Action.  Could it be that your using an action that has a recorded Automate Batch step and that action or action set recorded into that batch step is not currently in you actions palette?


            I think all a convert to CMYK action would need to be is a single insert menu item  "Image>Mode>CMYK Color".


            It is it sensible to batch something that is easy to do when you have many files you need converted..