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    Animation and unwanted Windows scroll bars

    DerekDigital Level 1

      Hi everyone.

      I'm after a bit of advice.

      I've created a simple animation for the homepage of a client's site - http://www.goldstone-agencies.com

      On a Mac (viewed in Safari / Firefox / Chrome) this animation is displayed perfectly.

      However in Windows a left/right and up/down scroll bar appear around the animation which enables a user to scroll the animation and mess it up.

      I've tested this using the latest versions of Chrome and IE running under Windows 8.1


      In Edge Animate I've checked that the project's Stage Overflow settings are set to "Hidden"

      In Dreamweaver I've also checked that the div containing the slideshow .oam file are both the same size.

      I've also checked that the CSS for that div also contains "overflow: hidden;"


      I'm sure there must be a simple fix, but am at a loss to know where to go next.

      Thoughts and suggestions would be gratefully received.


      Thanks in advance.

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure what is causing it except maybe make your container a little larger than the composition - a few pixels might correct the problem.

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            DerekDigital Level 1

            Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried it but it doesn't resolve the issue.


            To clarify, I've double-checked the animation settings and they are as described in the Adobe Edge Animate Classroom in a Book / Lesson 7: Publishing & Responsive Design / Controlling the Stage Display with Overflow options on p247.

            Perhaps someone from Adobe's Edge Animate technical team might like to respond to this thread!?

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              DerekDigital Level 1

              Whilst doing some additional testing with this animation this morning, I've discovered that it is possible to scroll whole animation left/right (x-axis) and view its hidden content.

              Unlike Windows, the Mac UI scroll bars are less obvious.

              I'm now wondering if this a bug in the software.

              I may recreate the animation in the Adobe Edge Animate CC rather than CC 2014 and see if that problem persists.


              I did find this like, which talks about using an iFrame:


              However this seems crazy and long-winded to me, as I simply want to place an Adobe Edge Animate (.oam) file directly into Adobe Dreamweaver and then publish online.

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                DerekDigital Level 1

                As a footnote, as I've not been able to find a solution I've now amended the slideshow so that no elements are positioned off of the Edge Animate stage.

                It's interesting to note that no scroll bars appear, in any browser, when I uploaded the new .oam file.

                Therefore the suggestion I received to make the div a little larger was obviously incorrect.

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                  Hi everybody,


                  I need some help...

                  It's the first time i work on Adobe Animate CC (i also never worked on Flash), i succeed in creating my animation (flv video with a simple UIscrollbar and textfield) but my problem appears during the exportation of the swf file...

                  An error occurred :

                  Capture d’écran 2016-03-08 à 15.06.07.png

                  Capture d’écran 2016-03-08 à 15.04.32.png

                  Here is the code i used :

                  import fl.controls.UIScrollBar;


                  var myTxt:TextField = new TextField();

                  myTxt.border = false;

                  myTxt.width = 310;

                  myTxt.height = 41;

                  myTxt.x = 30;

                  myTxt.y = 253;


                  var mySb:UIScrollBar = new UIScrollBar();

                  mySb.direction = "vertical";

                  mySb.x = 10;

                  mySb.y = 253;


                  // Size it to match the text field.

                  mySb.setSize(myTxt.width, myTxt.height); 


                  // Move it immediately below the text field.

                  mySb.move(mySb.x, myTxt.y);


                  // put them on the Stage



                  // load text

                  var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();

                  var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.hippocampe.com/videos/avertissements.txt");


                  loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loadcomplete);


                  function loadcomplete(event:Event) {

                      // move loaded text to text field

                      myTxt.text = loader.data;

                      // Set myTxt as target for scroll bar.

                      mySb.scrollTarget = myTxt;



                  I only put the text on a FTP Browser to get an URL.

                  I tried a lot of things but the export doesn't work even if it works well on Animate, can you please help me ?


                  Thank you a lot !


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                    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Please post in the Animate CC forum. This is the Edge Animate forum.