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    WebHelp Search is not Searching in Tables

    Yvonne Sanchez
      I recently noticed that the WebHelp Search engine is not searching for search terms within tables. In other words, I use multi-column tables within may topics to provide reference information. For example, I may have a table with two headings: Field and Description. Within the Field column, I provide field names, and within the Description column, I provide field descripitions.

      After I compiled the WebHelp, I entered one of the field titles as a search term in the Search tab, and I expected the search engine to return the topic in which I provided the field description, but the search engine did not return the topic.

      As a test, I removed the table and just provided the descriptions as bulletted items, first listing the field title and then providing the field description. In this case (format), the search engine was able to locate the field titled and return the topic.

      Does anyone know why the search engine is ignoring tables during the search?