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    Unable to install Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements 12 on Mac


      Have a brand new package of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 & Adobe premiere elements 12 for Windows/Mac.


      Trying to install the Mac version (which won't register online in the Adobe Cloud).  Running from CD did not work.  Copying CD to Folder on Desktop and running from there did not work.


      Have googled, not finding any articles that help....then, to top that off, I try to contact Adobe support and (no offense everyone) I get sent to the Community Forums....does anyone from Adobe actually do anything in here, or are we all helping Adobe get rich, solving their problems for them....come to think of it, that's not a bad idea....but it is also...a bad idea.


      I'll be grateful if anyone out there has experience with this, and can help me with this.  I have a Macbook Pro, Running OS X 10.9.4, over 300GB Free space, 8GB Ram that runs fine with everything else I do.





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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Until someone else with a specific answer comes along, this chat link MAY help


          Select a topic, then click I STILL NEED HELP to start Premiere Elements Online chat


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            How are you being stopped from installing Photoshop Elements 12 and Premiere Elements 12 on your Mac computer? Please be specific.

            Are you getting stopped by the "Shared Technologies" error or something else.


            Contact with Adobe via its Adobe Chat is an option, but you need to be careful navigating your path to it otherwise you end up with "Ask the Community".

            If you decide to explore Adobe Chat, please use the following link to

            Premiere Elements

            Downloading, Installing, and Setting Up.

            Downloading and Setting Up

            I will set the link for the page with the Chat panel to click on. If the page set does not hold, then you will have to navigate specifically to

            Downloading, Installing, and Setting Up which gives the Chat panel option.

            Contact Customer Care


            However, at the present moment, whether you use the link provided by John or the one that I have, you will end up with Ask The Community - No Adobe Chat panel to click on. Looks like Adobe Chat is down again. It has been undergoing updating which was supposed to be finished by now. Guess not.

            Consequently, let us see if we can work here to get you some Premiere Elements answers for your Premiere Elements questions - maybe even provide a Photoshop Elements solution in the mix.


            Looking forward to your follow up.