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    Video out sync with audio, transferring of VHS tapes


      Video out of sync with audio, transferring of VHS tapes. I am using Diamond vc500 one touch video capture device that goes from the VCR. An saving videos files as mpeg 2's.

      I am using the VCR RCA composite to the Diamond vc500 that uses USB.

      I capture a 1 hr segment. Save as mpeg 2.

      Then I fix one sync problem say at the start of the video. Other words one segment of recording made say at the start.

      As we used our old VHS cameras, we start and stop making segments recording. Fixing the 1st segment I would think would fix the whole 1 hr of captured video. But it does not. Mean I must fix each segment of video I recorded on my VHS camera. Well this would take way to long to do.

      Am I missing something? I am thinking of buying a firewire capture device so I can use Premiere Elements 12 to do the capturing.

      Question - 1. Will a new capture device fix this video out sync with audio problem?

      2. What device should I buy, to capture from my VHS to Premiere Elements 12. An should it be a firewire device?

      Here is a device told to me here in these forums. Would this fix my Video out of sync with audio?

      Firewire device called "Canopus ADVC110" http://www.grassvalley.com/products/advc110


      This project is transferring old family VHS tape videos. But there are a lot of it. I did not want to spend a great deal on money but if that is what its takes to get this right!


      Help Please