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    EM stalls during load, identified two extensions


      I'm taking over for the mac imaging here and have just started assembling the fall images.  After installing CS6 I test-launched all the apps.  I ran the updates and then retested the apps.  Exension Manager now stalls at about 85% of loading extensions.  EM did NOT stall prior to running updates.


      After doing a little research, I went into the EM Store and started a process of elimination to see what extension(s) were causing a problem


      Of the 226 esntesions in InDesign CS6, there are two that will stall the load at that point if either of them are present.  If I remove(the fours files from) both from that folder, EM loads fine.  The two that are causing the stall are:



      idcs6_EPS Page Item


      What's the best response for this?  Can I just leave them out?  Are there some fixed ones I can download?


      I'm new to administrating CS so be gentle


      <edit>  I was test-launching apps in alphabetical order, and hadn't launched illustrator yet following the update.  it appears that launching illustrator with the extensions in place makes the EM happy again.


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