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    Duplicating dynamic video content

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      I have been playing around with a project for a while and each angle I attack this with seems to give me a no-go in one way or another.

      To summarize the idea, I have a video playing which is loaded into a movie clip and it automatically switches to the next videoclip once the first one is nearing the end using a fade through (using ._alpha) to a second movieclip placed in the same place on the stage. There are a fair amount of movieclips to run through sequentially, although not enough to prohibit loading them all in at once (total of about 11mb split between 17 short clips). I started doing this using the progressive download with .flv files and it was working fine until I placed it on the server and discovered that the data transfer from the server was too unreliable to maintain a consistant video playback. It needs to be seemless with no waiting. I changed tack and started using the older .swf method of bringing in the videos. This way I can preload the first one before playback starts and then load the rest in sequentially while playback is commencing.

      Using this technique works well until I add the complication of the user needing to select any particular clip from a row of buttons and it fade smoothly into the video that is playing back. I have the code in place to do this and it works fine, with the buttons only appearing when the corresponding clip has been preloaded. The snag is that when they press a button I need the video to loop on the clip that they pressed on, and by this I mean when it gets to the end it fades through to the same clip over a small amount of time (say 30 frames or so).

      I thought I would be able to duplicate any particular one of the clips I had loaded using duplicateMovieClip to layover the existing video and fade back through to the starting point but it seems that this is not taking the dynamic content - obtained using loadMovie("video1.swf") etc - into the new clip. Either I am doing something wrong or it simply doesn't take the dynamically loaded contents of the clip across.

      I've ruled out the option of true streaming video because of the initial expense and the fact that a huge amount of bandwidth would get chewed up should someone walk away from their machine whilst on this particular page (I hoping that once people get this in their cache it should dramatically reduce bandwidth on further visits).

      Does anyone know of a way to duplicate a movie clip and take the loaded in contents with it? or can anyone suggest any alternative approaches to my situation? My only thought at the moment is to have a complete second duplicate set of videos loaded up ready but obviously this adds double the memory requirements to the playback which I'd prefer to avoid.

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          Also, does anyone know whether it's possible to alter the volume of dynamic video clips brought in using myclip.loadMovie("video1.swf") ... I've tried using myclip.setVolume and just myclip.volume = 50 and I've also tried naming the instance of the clip in the SWF and using myclip.myvideo.setVolume and myclip.myvideo.volume = 50 ... but it doesn't seem to have any effect?