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    Can this laptop run After effects well?


      I have acer aspire 5742g laptop, i5 480m(max 2.93ghz), Geforce 540m, 6gb ram and slow 5400rpm HDD
      After effects runs quite slow if I do something more advanced so I think its time for upgrade.


      I found this quite cheap for specs it provides

      Asus N56JR

      Intel® Core™ i7-4700HQ Processor (6 MB Cache, 2.4 Ghz)

      8 GB DDR3 - 1600 MHz

      GeForce GTX 760M GDDR5 2GB

      1TB HDD 5400RPM(I will buy ssd later)


      Notebooks & Ultrabooks - N56JR - ASUS


      Will this laptop be able to handle after effects good enough?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That would be better but you could use a bunch more ram. After Effects is a professional app with tons of capabilities. The more complex the project the higher the demands are on the system. If you want AE to run quickly when you work on extremely complex projects and you want to run on a laptop then you need a professional workstation grade laptop not a consumer model. Dell and HP make them, Apple makes the MacBookPro R which becomes a workstation grade laptop when you max it out. Simply put, buy the most powerful laptop with the most memory you can afford, make sure the company provides excellent customer service and get a long warrantee - or take your chances with a consumer grade laptop.

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            damnson Level 1

            They cost ton of money, I understand that this wont give increadible performance, but I can't afford workstation laptop at the moment.

            Im looking for best option around 1000$