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    Re:AVG2014 claims flash player is infected with malware


      Hi M.

      I am unable to install flash player due to malware infection of the download installer. AVG2014 picks this up as soon as i run the installer and shows details of the malware and prompts to clean.After clicking clean a script error comes up and asks continue running script? y/n both responses give same result the avg clean rips out the installation package from the download folder. I have tried the following downloaded from the stand alone site as above.D/L from 2 other sites All 3 Gave the same malware and clean result. I even D?L 3 copies from the secure site and ran each one in turn with same result in turn. hav downloade othe sftwre from non adobe sites to see if it was my laptop infected they installed and ran ok even when the Flash player Installer was present. It seems thet the malware is detected as soon as the installer is run..