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    New Mac/APE 12 user Used to have Cyberlink Powerdirector 9 for video/slideshow editing.  HELP!

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      I have recently purchased APE 12 to help with editing a slideshow.  Previously I used Cyberlink Powerdirector 9 on my PC.  At this point I am very disappointed in the money I spent.  There is so much less I can do with the structure of the slideshow.  My questions are to see if I am missing something. 

      1)  On PowerDirector I had several options on the type of slideshow I wanted, movement, scrapbook, photo album, 3-D and more, I only see the option for Pan and Zoom on APE 12 and even that is hard to figure out.  Am I missing something?

      2) Am I understanding that once I put a still image on the Timeline I can only change the duration one image at a time?  Is there any way to select a group of images to edit?

      3) I may have this one figured out, after searching and reading a lot, but Is there an easy way to fade out volume to make transitions smooth?  I have had success, but more failure and struggle to find out what is working.

      4) Why does APE 12 move stuff if I add something on another track?  Can I lock the video track so it won't do that?

      Thanks a bunch!!


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          Premiere Elements can help you create a slideshow with numerous effects, including pan and zoom,  but it is a video editor rather than a slideshow generator. It is not going to give you choices of slideshows. But, I guess you could look at the Instant Movie Feature as sort of a counterpart of what you were using previously.


          If your program is on Windows, you have slideshow opportunities in the Elements Organizer as well as the Premiere Elements workspace. On Mac, there is no slideshow feature in the Elements Organizer as there is the Windows counterpart.


          If you are in the Expert workspace, you can change the duration of more than one clip at a time - See Time Stretch Tool after you select (altogether) the clips whose duration is to be changed.


          And, there is no lock track feature. On Windows, one holds down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard as an addition is made to the Timeline so has not to disturb the content already there.


          Click the More on the Transition Adjustments pop up. Also look to the transition alignment and duration in relation to the duration of the clips involved.


          Also consider that you will be running into several Windows Only features.


          Please review and consider.


          Thank you.







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            I may take several comments to reply here because I need to process all you said.  I am using a Mac.  Which may be a pitfall with my problem.


            Also, I can't use instant-movies because it limits to 15 minutes and my slideshow is a series of short slideshows (it's from a dance recital and each dance is a slideshow section) which adds up to over 1 1/2 hrs.


            I feel I may be expecting much more out of this program than it is capable of doing.  I'm wondering if I get my laptop working again if I'd just be better to go back to power director?

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              How recently did you purchase Premiere Elements 12 Mac? And, did you purchase it from Adobe?

              If you are within 30 days of the purchase specifically from Adobe direct, then you can go after a money back via Adobe Chat. I will post

              a link to Adobe Chat and Orders if needed.


              I have no promotional interests in Adobe. I am not affiliated with Adobe in any way. And, this is not Adobe. Just user to user. Keeping that in mind, I think that you can do a great job with your 90 minutes slideshow in the Premiere Elements 12 Mac Editor with the feature set that the program offers. Take a

              look under the fx Effects tab. Sometimes it is difficult coming from one program that you are used to. You can build your creativity into the slideshow.

              Other than Instant Movies, it is do it yourself with the numerous tools provided by the program for editing and exporting.


              What is you intended export for your slideshow?


              But in the long run, if you have found a program that does all you want it to do, then stay with it. The search for better may not be worth your time

              getting used to another program.


              I would be glad for the opportunity to answer any further questions that you have on the above and/or give clarification on anything that I have written if needed.


              Thank you.



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                I have had it for probably less than 30 days.  I'd have to check.  I bought it from a camera shop when I bought a new camera (I got a discount and it sounded like it would solve my problem).


                I'm pretty sure that it can't do some of what the PowerDirector could do.  One of the things about a slideshow so long is it gets boring if every section is the same.  With PowerDirector I was able to do several different styles of slideshows as previously stated.  One of my favorite was a cell slideshow.  Honestly, if there were a program for Mac like PowerDirector I would grab it in a heartbeat.  While I see that with the APE 12 I can change the look of pictures the slideshow itself is pretty basic with one picture after another.  Even with the instant movie it is just the same with graphics of visual changes.  Maybe I'm spoiled and there isn't a program like that for Mac.  Or maybe I'm just not seeing it now.


                This video is for the dancers' families.  If it were just for me I wouldn't be so concerned, but this is the 3rd year I've done this and it'll be disappointing if I can't give it more.  I actually had the entire thing almost done when my PC crashed.  I can get the data from it, but PowerDirector doesn't run on Mac.  I would love to make APE 12 work for me.  I actually also own CS5 extended.  Does it have slideshow capabilities?


                Getting used to a new program is a bummer.  I just don't want to keep searching.  There are many aspects of the program  I do appreciate, but this one is a bummer, unless I can find a way around it.




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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  What is your CS5 extended? Is that Photoshop Elements CS5 extended or Premiere Pro CS5?

                  I have not tried it, but I believe that Photoshop Elements CS5.1 extended has video editing feature. But I suspect

                  that the video editing applies to video adjustments rather than the creation of a slideshow.

                  How to edit video in Photoshop CS5 Extended - CNET

                  Have not tried it.


                  But, I believe that you are not seeing the full potential of Premiere Elements for what you want to do.

                  From the point of view of design, even the Instant Movies feature has flexibility in that you can customize

                  the Instant Movie theme once selected and applied. You right click the completed Instant Movie and select

                  Break Apart Instant Movie to do just that. Then you can remove one or more Adobe components and insert something else.


                  Explore the video transitions and video effects available to your project. But, you are the judge of how much

                  time you want to put into a new program with greater potential versus going with the sure thing with which

                  you are comfortable.


                  As for money back on Premiere Elements 12 Mac...from what I understand, that would be the decision of the place of

                  purchase which is not Adobe.


                  The Adobe Chat lines are having their problems, but if you do get through  you can confirm the return of purchase situation

                  http://helpx.adobe.com/sea/contact.html?step=PRE_membership-account-payment_payments-invoi ces-orders_stillNeedHelp