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    Resizing photos in LR5 / Export - Resize to Fit specified Long Edge is not working


      Recently, when I started exporting photos and re-sizing those photos at Export, there is a problem.


      I choose the "Resize to Fit: LONG EDGE" and give it a value of, say, 1800px. I have "Do not Enlarge" unchecked.  I set the resolution to 72ppi (for web).

      And when the photos are exported, the SHORT EDGE is the value I specified (in my example above, 1800px) and the long edge is longer than that.


      I often need to export images based on their dimensions on the long edge, so I need to figure out how to do this.  It stopped working a couple of weeks ago, after using this command successfully for many years.

      Using LR 5.5

      on an iMac OSX v 10.9.4