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    Font Character Codes


      I'm trying to enter a font character in ID 2014 and can't do so. In MS Word if you select the font and then hold the "ALT" key you can then enter the font character code.


      Can this be done in ID 2014?

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Can you give an example?

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            testy1753 Level 1

            Yes, I'm using a font by the name of "AF-LED7 Seg-2" and there is a specific character within that set that I'm trying to enter in ID. It is a LED 7-segment display type font. Within MS Word first selecting this font, holding the "ALT" key and then typing 1039 I get the character that I need. How to do this in ID?

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              Ellis home Level 4

              Some Alt codes don't work on ID. I guess this is one of them. That character is available on different fonts. Calibri's glyphs for instance show it as Unicode 040F Cyrillic capital letter DZHE. Hopefully Joel Cherney (one of the regulars here who knows a lot about fonts) can shed some light on this.

              Edit: I was checking this font on Lynotype under Cyrillic characters and it shows something different under 040f. Can you show the character in question?

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                Joel Cherney Level 5

                I would have called out Jongware, myself


                It's quite possible to make a font that uses codepoints reserved for other glyphs. Usually not a problem, depending on the age of the font and the space used. If I had a font like the one you describe, I would give up on the idea of using alt codes to enter the glyphs, and would instead use the Type -> Glyphs panel. If you need to use a given glyph all the time, inserting it with a script is a No Big Deal Scripting Job (even I can write it, har har har).

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                  Joel Cherney Level 5

                  "Depending on the age of the font" - now that we should all be making fonts the same way and giving glyphs true Unicode values, there is a "private use area" reserved specifically for stuff like this within Unicode. To write over the Cyrillic space is a no-no, but back in ye olden days people overwrote codepoints reserved for actual real languages (not LED bits) all the time. So I'm guessing that either your font is old, or poorly made. You should be able to use the Glyphs panel in either case.

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                    [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                    Joel, the OP does not say what character s/he actually expected. It might well have been this DZHE.


                    Not on Windows right now (OP -again- does not mention the OS, but "MS Word" is a clue); does any Alt+numeric work in InDesign, not only for Ye Olde Latin-1 character set but also for all Unicode characters?

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                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I'm going to ask an "innocent" question. Since InDesign has the Glyphs panel, and you can create glyph sets and call out recent glyphs with keyboard shortcuts, what is the reason to keep supporting a relatively archaic method of calling out glyphs? Perhaps it needs to be retired.

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                        Ellis home Level 4

                        I use ALT+numeric all the time when typing Spanish for accented letters or punctuation symbols. It's pretty convenient for me. Others may use different methods. I guess this will be under the category of the Ye Olde Latin-1 character set.

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                          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                          Ellis, back in the day I was able to type virtually all accented codes from memory. But, just like cell phones removed the need to memorize 10-digit phone numbers (the only one I know from memory is my own, which is kind of pointless) and Remember Password on websites makes me actually forget them (!!), I use Technology to enter accents: Peter Kahrel's Compose script is under the hotkey "Alt+Ctrl+C" in my InDesign.


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                            Ellis home Level 4

                            Thanks for Peter Kahrel's script. I'm going to start playing with it. I guess old habits die hard.