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    Cannot run InDesign!


      I'm also having this problem.

      I've tried everything, re-installing, uninstalling, using the adobe clean tool, using a different username to sign in with ..... everything and there is no answer.

      I do not want to purchase a product if I cannot trial it test it and I'm certainly not paying for the full version if I am going to have the same issue!


      An answer would be nice.

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          BobLevine Legend

          We can’t help you without system details.

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            My system details are:

            Windows 7 home premium

            64 bit operating system

            Intel pentium CPU B950 @ 2.10ghz

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              BobLevine Legend

              I've branched this off to a new discussion.


              More details. What exactly are you doing? Have you downloaded a demo? What version of InDesign?


              How much RAM? Is Windows 7 updated to SP1?


              Are you getting error messages.


              That is a very, very low end processor.

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                Stephoney Newcomer

                I am trying to do what initial discussion said, hence why I have commented on here.

                I have downloaded a trial version of InDesign CC through the Adobe Cloud. It loads up, goes through the loading process, actually opens up the software and then shuts down.

                I have 4GB of RAM.

                It is service pack 1.

                I'm not getting any error messages it just closes down.


                As for me having a low end processor I am a student and hardly see how this is relevant as I have Photoshop CS6 and have never had an issue with that running on my system.

                This also happened about 2 months ago with Illustrator when I tried to trial that again it didn't work so I didn't bother purchasing it in the end. I had hoped it wouldn't happen this time around.


                I just need a resolution to this as I need to trial it to see whether it is worth getting.... If I can get it to work and I get on with it I will buy it but I'm not wasting my time with it if it won't work.   

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                  Peter Spier Legend

                  It could be a number of different problems. Is it shutting down while the splash screen is open? I suspect the installer has not set the correct permissions on the preference folders. You can find the folder locations from this link: Replace Your Preferences. Note that these are HIDDEN folders, so you need to set Explorer to show hidden files and folders. You can try renaming the two Adobe folders, then restart ID. Do NOT follow the instructions for replacing the prefs, just rename the folders.

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                    Stephoney Newcomer

                    Hi Peter,

                    It is shutting down just after the splash page and it actually loads the software up and then it just disappears. Then sometimes it will happen during the splash page loading, it varies. It is very tiring.


                    I will try your solution and let you know the outcome.

                    Many thanks.

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                      Stephoney Newcomer

                      Hi Peter,


                      I have just been into that folder .... the files that you say should be in there are not.

                      I go into the following C:\Users\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 10.0\en_GB


                      All that is in there is a hidden folder called Caches. Again hidden files are set to visible.

                      In the Cache folder are the following folder files.


                      InDesign Recovery

                      Scripting Support






                      InDesign ClipboardScrap1

                      InDesign ClipboardScrap23

                      InDesign DragDropScap

                      InDesign SavedData.


                      I haven't deleted anything nor have I ever been in this file. Now I'm really confused.

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                        Peter Spier Legend

                        > I go into the following C:\Users\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version 10.0\en_GB


                        Yes, that's the path to InDesign SavedData, and apparently it is being written, so this is not a permissions issue and renaming the folders probably won't help. Replacing the prefs might though, and certainly wont hurt, so you can follow the directions to rename the two files. You've found InDesing SavedData, now look in AppData\ROAMING\ (you were in AppData\Local) for the other folder.


                        If that doesn't do it, I suggest you post over in Community: Downloading, Installing, Setting Up | Adobe Community  where there are Adobe staffers monitoring the forum dedicated to install issues.